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Ableworld Specialist Testimonials

If you have made an enquiry with on of our Specialist Equipment Team and would like to leave us some feedback we would really appreciate it

You can email feedback to [email protected] 


Some feedback we have received in the past:

Lou was professional, knowledgeable, understanding, respectful; she also protected my dignity which was very important. Her bubbly personality was also helpful. This wheelchair is my second, my first one, as it turned out was totally inadequate. I went for advice to a well known competitor of yours and they fell far short of my minimal expectations, I am glad that chair is behind me. My new wheelchair is so much easier to operate, it being so much lighter, I even found a little pocket with a neat set of tools in, a very nice little touch. I truely respect and appreciate what Ableworld do for people like me and with excellent employees like Lou you will go far. Excellent- Thank you. Mr Winder, April 2018. 

Ableworld say that they understand that not all customers are the same and are all unique and I can't think of any mission statement more truthful. The attention to detail and customer based thinking shown by my Specialist Seating Consultant Louise Mason left me in no doubt that I had made the right choice with Ableworld as a provider for my new chair. Every detail and consequence was considered in every area. Louise saw my chair as it should be, not just a sale opportunity or a piece of equipment but as an extension of myself and something that meets my needs and desire for a more independent lifestyle. Yes it took time and honestly doesn't come cheap, but given that independence is what everyone deserves, disabled or not I would recommend Ableworld with full confidence to anyone with mobility needs who wants a service that is truly tailored to them. You won't regret it, I know I do not! Thanks to Louise and the Ableworld teamEd Percival