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Pressure Care Cushions

Ratings such as low risk ,medium risk ‘High Risk’ denote the Prevention Rating of the mattress or Cushion.

It is important to remember the difference between Prevention and a mattress cushion that can help  with Treatment. You can have a high Risk Score (Waterlow / Braden etc) without having actual pressure damage. This indicates that you are at risk of aquiring pressure sores.

Community Cushion

The Community Cushion developed by Ableworld in conjunction with the Tissue Viability Dept at the Countess of Chester Hospital comprises of highly resilient, dense and pliable base foam for support and a visco-elastic layer on the top to provide comfort and pressure reduction.

The many benefits of visco-elastic include:

  • Designed for patients at High Risk of pressure ulcer damage
  • Adapts to the body’s shape to give excellent pressure redistribution

  • Minimises friction and shear
  • Re-adjusts to any positional change of the body and re-molds within ten seconds
  • Is very cost effective in that it is very
  • Reasonably priced
  • Waterproof two way stretch and vapour permeable cover
  • Non – slip base
  • Risk Level: High Risk
  • Waterlow Scale : 15-20
  • Weight Guide : 6 -17stones (38 - 108 Kg)


£58.00 ex VAT*


Roho Quadtro High Profile Cushion

  • Positioning
  • Skin Protection
  • Stability
  • Convenience
  • Cover Options

This cushion provides extra positioning through locking off four quadrants to suit individual needs using the innovative ISOFLO Memory Control functionality.

Designed for clients requiring high levels of protection or Pressure Ulcer Management who require extra positioning.

The QUADTRO SELECT Cushion sets the standard in the industry for overall performance in wheelchair seating. Each and every user will benefit from a customized fit through the simple push of a knob.

The revolutionary ISOFLO Memory Control offers shape fitting capabilities while the user is seated, allowing quick and easy on-demand adjustment to maximize function.

 With the built-in stability and simplicity of the ROHO QUADTRO SELECT Cushion, no longer will you have to sacrifice maximum skin protection to get stability, positioning or convenience. The ROHO QUADTRO SELECT Cushion does it all. And with no compromise.

£387.72 ex VAT*