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Q700 R Sedeo Ergo

Q700 R Sedeo Ergo
£15,300.00 (£12,750.00 Exc VAT*)

This is Quickie’s most advanced rear- wheel drive powerchair.

Enjoy comfort as standard with the amazing the biomechanical seating system.

Stay connected with the world around you with a selection of easy-to-use controls and device connections.

Product Description

Enjoy the ultimate driving experience with the Q700 R Sedeo Ergo, Quickie’s most advanced rear-wheel drive powered wheelchair! Featuring Gyro-Control and spirit level technology, the advanced Sedeo Ergo biomechanical seating system and innovative controls.

The Q700 R Sedeo Ergo features a rear-wheel drive base which delivers an easy to handle and intuitive drive due to the drive wheel position. It can climb kerbs up to 100 mm with a kerb climber or 80 mm without it.

Or do you prefer a firmer sportier ride, or a soft and comfortable one? Whatever your preference you can fine tune the Q700 F to suit you. With both drive wheels connected by a pivot bar, that absorbs the natural pull to one side when travelling across cambers and round corners at speed. Plus, adjustable springs mean you can ensure you keep maximum traction all the time whatever your driving style.

It's the first-class seat that's designed specifically to fit you. The Sedeo Ergo with patented Biometric repositioning is more effective than any other standing wheelchair seating system when it comes to independent repositioning throughout the day. The premium headrest can easily be adjusted or removed. All seat widths and depths are infinitely adjustable with just one tool. Also, the seat and backrest width can be adjusted independently of each other. Even the armrest height and angle are simple to adjust too.

Seamlessly take control of your environment using the integrated Infra Red functionality. Control your TV, docking stations and other home entertainment systems easily via your joystick. Control your phone, computer, tablet and any other Bluetooth and i-devices with this useful optional extra. Connect and control up to four devices.


Technical Specifications:

Seat Width: 400- 560mm

Seat Height: 430 – 480mm

Seat Depth: 400 – 560mm

Backrest Height: 510 – 610mm

Overall Width: 640mm

Overall length: Max. 1180-1370mm

Speed: 6 & 8 kph (standard), 10 & 13 kph optional

Battery Size: 60 Ah, 80 Ah optional

Max Range: 40km

Seat Tilt: 30°/ 50°

Turning Diameter: 950mm

Electronics: R-Net controller; lights & indicators

Colours: 6 colours; red, blue, green, orange, white, black

Customer testimonials

"Excellent Service. I got a new stairlift as opposed to reconditioned as other Companies quotes were not dissimilar to the new price from Ableworld. 5 Stars!. Mr Evans June 2017" Ableworld Birkenhead
"The service l had at rhyl store was excellent. Very helpful and polite, thank you very much"
"Louise gave her time, expertise and knowledge so generously and was so committed to fitting the chair to Ed not the other way round. Thank you! Mr Percival Sept 16" Ableworld Specialist Department
"Ableworld give 100% service, I highly recommend them" Ableworld Inverness
" Fab selection of essential items and friendly, expert staff. Saved the day! Ms Ramsdale Sept 16" Ableworld Llandudno
"I would thoroughly recommend Ableworld stair lifts and indeed their store in Crewe"
"Ableworld at Newport couldn't have been kinder or more helpful"
"Friendly and exceptional service, wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Ms Edmonds Nov 16" Ableworld Oswestry
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