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Tilt in Space Wheelchairs


ID Soft Tilt in Space Wheelchair

  • Maximum user's weight: 140 kg
  • Seat width: from 39 to 54 cm
  • Seat depth: from 42 to 51 cm
  • Overall width: from 59 to 69 cm
  • Seat height: from 40 to 45 cm
  • Front wheels: 8''
  • Rear wheels: 24''
  • Frame colour: metallic grey
  • Upholstery colour: Black
  • Options - Long, and swivelling wing headrest
  • Standard shelf
  • Trunk support and abduction wedge
  • Anti-tilt casters
  • Protective armrest
  • Long backrest
  • Axial adjustment of height armrests

Thanks to the frame design, the wheelchair is steady, whatever the backrest and seat angles are.

Id soft Tilt in space wheelchair is perfect for care home use, providing repositioning without transfers saving carer time

3 frame sizes: 39, 44 and 49 with adjustable seat width of 5 cm each. (From 39 to 54 cm)

Leg rest with adjustable calf cushions (width, height, depth). Easily retractable.

Adjustable height backrest (on 9 cm) and two choices of cushion height.

Headrest with multi-positional ear cushions.

Armrests can be height- adjusted and depth-adjusted. It is also removable.

Length of frame adjustable according to the seat depth.

Adjustment of width between leg rests according to the seat depth.

Frame in three sizes and, large adaptability for 4 main configurations: IDSoft Standard, IDSoft Prime, IDSoft "Bedsore Prevention" and IDSoft Opti PVC.

From £1,295.00 ex VAT


Kanga Paediactric Tilt in Space Wheelchair

The Kanga Wheelchair is a lightweight, aluminium tilt-in-space paediatric chair designed for children with mild to moderate positioning needs.

It is bus transportable and can be folded for easy transportation and storage, and has been designed with a built-in growth frame for maximum flexibility.

  • Durable lightweight aluminium frame
  • Built-in growth frame is width adjustable
  • Height and angle adjustable flip back armrests
  • Height adjustable push handles


• Durable lightweight aluminium frame

• Built-in growth frame is width adjustable and can be configured for 25cm (10"), 30cm (12") and 36cm (14"). Seating system and positioning accessories must be changed accordingly

• Height and angle adjustable flip back armrests to facilitate side transfers

• Height adjustable push handles to suit attendant requirements

• Tilt-in-Space up to 45° provides pressure relief and more positioning options

• 15cm (6") adjustable seat depth to suit user requirements

• Seat to back angle adjustment allows the user to find their most comfortable position

• Angled seat to prevent forward sliding for added safety of the child

• Swing away, height adjustable footrests with foot and ankle positioner to assist transfers

• Angle adjustable footplates provide comfortable support for legs and feet

• 51cm (20") rear semi pneumatic quick-release wheels

• Frame accommodates most custom rehab seating and positioning systems

• Curb assist levers to support mounting curbs

• Height adjustable anti-tippers provide stability and security

• Crash tested and meets bus transit requirements

• Folds for easy storage and transportation

From £1,299.00 ex VAT