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Poor seating can lead to increased pain, particularly in the back, hips and neck, and decreased mobility and independence. A proper assessment of individual needs is important in order to make sure that the correct piece of specialist seating equipment is chosen. Ableworld specialists carry out assessments of the individual and can advise you of the size of chair needed. Relief of pressure and prevention of pressure sores is an issue for anyone who remains seated for long periods and has difficulty changing their position. Choosing the right chair is an important first step, especially when chosing a seat with the correct dimensions to distribute weight evenly.

Harmony & Harmony Porta Chair

The Harmony Seating System has been designed

  • with changing needs in mind
  • with a stylish look to suit all ages
  • for postural support and pressure care

This chair has a tension adjustable back system allowing the seating specialist to adjust the back to give support and envelopment where needed if required to maintain a midline position.

It also has a unique recliner seat pan designed to cradle the pelvis into a balanced central position using a range of selected cushions from leading manufactures to tailor pressure care needs

Probably the most important area in back pain is your pelvis. No matter where the back pain is, your pelvis is involved.

The pelvic is responsible for not only being the base of support for the upper body but for transferring weight through the femur heads down through the knees, ankles and feet. How weight transfers through each leg and foot is dependent upon the positioning of the pelvic.

Only when the pelvis is gravitationally centred can the feet receive and distribute weight evenly.

Pelvic instability shows itself as pelvic tilts, obliquities, slouching abduction adduction kyphosis.

Symptoms associated with instability include mid and low back pain, hip socket tension, knee and ankle problems, difficulty in breathing, groin pain, shoulder pain, difficulty in standing and walking, an inability to stand on both feet and excessive muscle tension throughout the body. Even headaches and dizziness may be traced to pelvic instability.

If a person is no longer mobile they can spend 40-50 hours a week sitting in a chair, therefore it is important that a seating solution is found that is comfortable and is designed around their needs.

Harmony seating offers an excellent pressure care management system that we can put in to the chair to give you the right level of protection whether that is foam, gel or air.

With Harmony seating it is easy to upgrade the insert cushion when a client’s needs change. Consideration must be given to any postural requirements needed and our seating consultants can carry out your assessment identifying peek pressure areas that arise and finding the appropriate protection.

This involves a combination of customizing of the chair back rest to accommodate most spinal problems, providing comfort and lateral support to maintain a midline position of stability

Some of the positioning issues resolved using harmony seating are:-

  • Forward sliding
  • Pelvic tilt
  • Pelvic obliquity
  • Abduction
  • Adduction
  • Lordosis
  • Slouching
  • Kyphosis

This chair also features a tilt in space and independent leg lift.

Tilt in space allows the body to be tilted back without the risk of sheer and friction, which can cause pressure sores. Tilting the body distributes the weight over a larger surface, which is an effective way to combat any pressure build up.

The leg lift can assist with lymphatic and blood circulation lifting allowing the knees to straighten allowing the blood to circulate more freely reducing the effort required by the heart, raising the legs can help to alleviate oedema fluid build-up in the legs.

Additional accessories with this chair are:

  • Padded Pelvic Belt
  • 4-Point Padded Chest Harness
  • Manual / Motorised Mechanism
  • Lateral Back Cushion
  • 3-Tier Waterfall Back Cushion
  • 2-Tier Waterfall Back Cushion
  • Contoured Horseshoe Headrest
  • Deep Contoured Headrest
  • Soft Pillow Headrest
  • Pommel
  • Ramp Seat Cushion
  • 1” + 2” Lateral Arm Blockers
  • Contoured Channel Leg Rest
  • Deep Contoured Channel Leg Rest
  • Ramped Leg Support Cushion
  • Gel footrest

From £1990.00 ex VAT*

Symphony Chair

In tune with your body’s needs!

The Symphony chair has been designed and developed by the Ableworld Specialist team.

A posture management chair with integrated, interchangeable pressure managements systems

This chair has excellent pressure management, comfort and support, whilst being stylish and suiting any décor.

Ideal for both domestic and care home/ nursing environments.

This chair tilts in space with a backrest recline.

The tilt in space on this chair helps:

  •    Improve posture
  •    Pressure distribution
  •    Pelvic stability
  •    Circulation
  •    Makes hoisting easier
  •    Can aid feeding
  •    Reduce forward sliding
  •    Provides less friction and sheer forces
  •    Can be used for Physiotherapy
  •    Provides abdominal stretch exercises.

By maintaining the same angle at the hips and tilting the entire chair back, you can achieve a relaxed position while maintain pelvic stability, reducing the risk of pressure sores.

This chair can help resolve the following position problems:

  •    Forwarding sliding
  •    Pelvic obliquity
  •    Abduction
  •    Adduction
  •    Lordosis
  •    Slouching
  •    Kyphosis

Key features of the Symphony Chair

Back & Seat- Vapour Permeable Dartex, 4 way multi-stretch as standard. Removable seat cover.

Waterfall Back- Fully accessible with moveable cushions to allow you to adjust the position, along with access to the padding to adjust for comfort. Extra bariatric available with 3 tier for extra support.

Lateral Back- Offers midline position stability, adapted to client’s requirements with full access to allow adjustment for spinal conditions.

Interchangeable seat- Sewn with Velcro to the sides and rear which once pulled forward, will allow you access to the seat area to change the cover and maintain the seat cushion.

Footrest- Memory foam, footplate available with larger castors for the foot support and push handles to rear.

Back Knee- Memory foam.

Handset- Easy to use, which can be positioned anywhere on the chair.

Accupack- To allow the chair to run without the need of wires and recharges at any time.

Castors- Can be used to reposition the chair. Different sizes available to allow hoist access if necessary.

Storage Pocket

Arms- Upholstered or wooden grip knuckle made to height requirements.

Action- Dual action, tilt in space with adjustable back.

Fabric- Standard and healthcare fabrics available.


2 Years electrical warranty (recliner mechanism)

1 year warranty (upholstery)

Available in Bariatric Sizes.

From £1390.00 ex VAT*


Harlem Porter Chair

The Harlem Porter Chair has been designed to support with conditions associated with severe or involuntary movements, such as Huntington's, as well as customers who require postural support and pressure care management.

Every aspect of the Harlem Porter has been engineered to provide a comforting feeling of safety and security, from the high arm design to the wheeled footplate, to the robust construction; each element of the design is tailored to support conditions associated with severe or involuntary movement.

Key features:

  • Independent back rest recline - adjusted from a lever on the push handle the back can be reclined in a range of restful positions, 95 to 120 degree range.
  • Seat angle adjustment - with a range of 15 degrees, for comfort and to reduce the risk of an individual falling out of the chair due to severe involuntary movements.
  • Seat depth adjustment - changeable seat depth to fit the chair to the client using the lever on the back of the chair.
  • Sliding footplate with a central castor that provides for maximum stability.
  • A choice of four removable pressure management seat cushions.
  • A choice of six removable and interchangeable back cushion styles for different, and changing, postural needs.
  • Optional leg block.

The Harlem porter Chair has a Maximum User Weight limit of 20 Stones as standard

From £1609 ex VAT*


Encora Chair

Ultimate comfort and pressure care management combined with superb tilt-in-space functionality. With the ability to raise and lower the chair you can attain the correct seat height for each user allowing feet to be positioned firmly on the floor assisting ambulant users to stand from the chair more readily.

The Encora’s Advanced Comfort Backrest incorporating the highly acclaimed reflexion foam, moulds itself to the contours of the user to help disperse body weight and provides superior comfort and support.

From £2190 ex VAT*


Duo Major Chair

A family of multi-positioning seating systems, combining ultimate comfort with effortless functionality. Their dynamic features provide the ultimate in positioning and postural management for those who are at risk of developing an unconventional body shape, unable to maintain a midline position and require additional support. The advanced adjustability of the Duo range, comprising of seat width, seat depth, seat height, back height, arm height, tilt-in-space, back angle recline and leg rest elevation adjustments create a supportive, yet comfortable seating solution for all users.

From £2795 ex VAT*


Delta Monaco Chair

Providing comfort and postural support for the semi and non-ambulant, the Delta
is an award winning solution. With a choice of Manual, Electric or Regulated Motion tilt in space and leg rest elevation the chair is as effective for the carer as it is for the user. Key to the Delta range is the incorporation of the remarkable Reflexion foam on all user contact areas combined with the vapour permeable, multi-stretch dartex upholstery providing pressure relief as well as added comfort.

From £2250 ex VAT*


Integra Shell Chair

The Integra Shell Seat tilts forward easily to help the user stand up from the chair.

• Tilt in space chair – gas strut operated.

• The chair will rise and tilt users to their feet.

• Easy inclination due to the push handle with hand lever.

Product Features

• Velcro attached ergonomically designed headrest, which can be easily adjusted.

• Lap belt is fitted as standard for additional safety.

• Handy storage pocket on the backrest.

• Easy to manoeuvre high quality brake wheels (12.5cm) which integrally rotate 360 degrees.

• Directional wheel enables the chair to be transferred in a straight line.

• Good hoist access for easy moving and handling.

• Brown leather style upholstery on the outside, together with 2 way stretch, breathable Dartex material on the inside.

• High risk cushion supplied as standard.

From £1250.00 ex VAT*