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Salsa M2 Mini Mid-Wheel Powered Wheelchair

  • The Narrowest mid-wheel drive powered wheelchair on the market
  • Outstanding Indoor Performance
  • No Compromise on Powered Options
  • Head Turning Style

Say no more to compromising on indoor manoeuvrability and outdoor performance thanks to the new Quickie Salsa M2 Mini. Introducing the world’s narrowest mid-wheel drive performance powerchair with a chassis width of only 52cm, that’s 9cm smaller than our market leading Quickie Salsa M2!

Unlike other indoor powerchairs, you don’t have to compromise on outdoor performance, the Salsa M2 Mini uses exactly the same drive base as the Salsa M2, just narrower, so all of the great features you get on a bigger outdoor powerchair are packed into the Salsa M2 Mini.  

With only a 52cm wide base and a turning circle of 110cm, manoeuvring in tight spaces is no longer an issue as this sleek design fits effortlessly through narrow environments. 

Enjoy getting out and about? With the Quickie Salsa M2 Mini you still can, with a patented 6 wheel suspension system and anti-pitch technology, you can feel safe and comfortable going over rough terrain.

A narrow and smooth design shouldn’t mean that you’re forced to compromise on your powered wheelchair's requirements. With the super stable six wheels suspension base, users can enjoy the benefits of lift and tilt-in-space.

It's not just Quickie’s hallmarks of a beautiful streamlined design and assertive stance that turns heads; you can now stand out from the crowd with a selection of 4 body colour options. Choose from classic white, elegant red, electrifying blue or admire the super sleek lines with matt black. There's a colour to suit any occasion and taste.

From £4,695 ex VAT*


Quickie Salsa M 2 Powerchair

  • Front & Rear Castors: 7" Solid
  • Drive Wheels: 13" Solid & Pneumatic
  • Seat Width & Seat Depth: 41-51cm
  • Maximum Speed: 6kph & 10kph
  • Maximum Range: 26km (32km with 60 Ah)
  • Battery Box to Ground Clearance: 65mm
  • Battery Size: 60AH
  • Maximum Dynamic Stability: 8 Degrees (14%)
  • Overall Width: 61cm (2-pole motors)
  • Turning Radius: 600mm (fixed centre mount hangers)
  • Maximum Kerb Climbing: 7cm
  • Colour Choices: Red, Blue, White & Matt Black
  • Transports (ISO 7176-19): 4 Point Tie-Down & DAHL Docking System
  • Product Weight: 125-176kg

With the Quickie Powerchair you can say no to compromise! For the 1st time a 70Ah battery and the faster 13kph motors available together in the ultra-compact Quickie Salsa M2. Boost your speed and go further than before with Quickie Salsa M2.

If it’s comfort and a hassle-free powerchair that you’re after then look no further than the Salsa M2.

The Salsa M has 4 independently suspended wheels whatever the terrain or obstacle you’ll flow through! With this suspension it provides a smoother and softer ride.

Turning on its own axis due to mid-wheel drive technology you can easily get out of tight spaces. Unlike other chairs which need to ‘swing’ around to manoeuvre this chair will move on the spot which results in a far smaller turning circle which is fantastic for busy places or indoor use.

Due to the positioning with the Salsa M it reduces the sliding and increase traction. As the seat is positioned directly over the drive wheel it adds more weight to secure the traction.

Anti-pitch technology helps prevent your powered wheelchair from pitching forward and backwards on slopes or when navigating hills, always keeping you stable with the minimum of movement... and you're still able to climb a 70mm kerb!

From £4,795 ex VAT*


Quickie Hula Power Chair

  • Excellent indoor manoeuvrability
  • Impressive outdoor performance
  • Seat frame is fully adjustable from 41cm to 51cm (16" - 20")

The Quickie Hula combines excellent indoor manoeuvrability with impressive outdoor performance for a chair in its class. Its true mid-wheel drive position means it can literally turn on the spot, ideal for navigating around home environments.

The true mid wheel drive position also increases traction and stability and reduces sliding when the chair is used outdoors.

The Quickie Hula‘s true mid-wheel drive position means it can literally turn on the spot for great indoor manoeuvrability. A narrow width of just 63cm (25“) enables easy access through doors and confined spaces.

The Quickie Hula's unique suspension system means it can climb 5cm (2“) thresholds and tackle slopes of up to 6° - ideal for use in the garden or for short trips out of the home. The advantages of the Quickie Hula's true mid-wheel drive can be seen outdoors too, the central drive wheel increases traction and stability, and reduces sliding. Crash tested and approved to ISO 7176-19 to give you peace of mind that you're using a safe chair.

The Quickie Hula uses the same seat as the Quickie Salsa and can be easily adjusted to a size to suit you. Choose from a range of options to enhance your comfort and meet your clinical needs. The Hula can be tailored to meet your requirements now and can be easily adapted for the future.

From £2,250 ex VAT*

Quickie Jive M Powerchair

  • Small turning circle
  • SpiderTrac Suspension
  • 70amp batteries powering upto 13 kph high torque motors
  • The ultimate outdoor high power powerchair married with indoor agility

JIVE M has the indoor agility with the ultimate outdoor high performance. Turning on its own axis, its ultra-small turning circle, narrow width and low seat-to-floor height gives excellent manoeuvrability indoors. Going out? SpiderTrac suspension helps to navigate onto and over steep transitions without jolts, forward pitching or instability.

With expandable controls, 13kph top speed, 60/70 Ah batteries and up to 40km range, high performance power will always be at your fingertips with JIVE.

Feel the power of best driving powerchair in the Quickie range. Goes fast, further for longer!

Gas suspension enables super transitions. Patented technology minimises pitching and helps keep you in a stable seated position.

Delivers excellent in-door manoeuvrability and outperforms every Rear Wheel Drive in the market.

From £6,795 ex VAT*


Salsa R2 Powerchair

  • Fully adjustable seating system
  • Powered tilt module
  • Full range of powered seating and special control options
  • Approved for transport in a vehicles
  • Rear wheel drive base
  • Drive wheel suspension
  • 60Ah batteries
  • 60cm overall width (with 12" wheels)  
  • Motor/wheel disengagement
  • Width, height & depth adjustable seat
  • Tension adj. backrest sling
  • 70° swing-away legrests
  • Angle & depth adjustable footplates
  • Adjustable lap strap
  • Height and angle adjustable backrest

The Salsa R² incorporates a great indoor and outdoor performance.

Indoors, the compact base and low seat to floor height (starting from 42cm) ensures easy access under tables.

Outdoors, the adjustable suspension and powerful motors (2-pole or 4-pole) always offer a comfortable and active driving characteristic up to a speed of 10 kph. With simple access to the batteries from the rear they can be easily changed while the user is in the chair.

The Salsa R² is equipped with a fully adjustable seating system which can be quickly adjusted throughout the full range of width and depth, back angle and height without additional parts. The seat is designed for perfect adaptation to the user and enables prompt servicing and refurbishment. Alternative backs and cushions can be easily fitted.

Powered tilt module (0° to 30°) with centre of gravity adjustment to suit correct users balance.

Change your seating position with three different types of tilt modules – the powered or mechanical single pivot tilt option for a basic tilt, the powered tilt module with integrated centre of gravity adjustment and the lift and tilt combi module. The backrest can be optionally reclined with an actuator or a mechanical gas strut. Finally the full range of special controls or input devices can be added to the chair to find the best operating performance for the user.

The Salsa R² is transit tested according to ISO 7176-19 and therefore approved for transportation in a vehicle. The tests are carried out with the 4 point tie-down system and the optional Dahl docking system for an even easier fixation. The Salsa R² can be ordered in a configuration which is ready to fit the Dahl docking system.

From £3,995 ex VAT*

Puma 20 Powerchair

  • Upgradable seating system  
  • Designed to empower you smart design with good aesthetics

Designed for intensive indoor and outdoor use, Puma 20 delivers the best driving performance in its class. Front or rear wheel drive, it is easy to drive with your choice of electronics. Enjoy a smooth and stable ride thanks to good suspension – with rubber shock absorbers - and comfort seating. A higher top speed and larger range are possible. Strong motors and high torque, ensure high manoeuvrability. Together with its compact design this is very convenient for use in and around the house.

From £3,195 ex VAT*


Puma 40 Powerchair

  • Offering you many possibilities in seating and support
  • Distinguishing design
  • Great driving indoors and out
  • Strong motors with high torque

Incredibly versatile, robust and easy to drive, Puma 40 is designed for high-performance indoor and outdoor use. Front or rear wheel drive, its state-of-the-art Full Track Suspension System (FTSS) makes for a smooth and stable ride with maximum traction at all speeds. You can choose to drive faster and further. Highly manoeuvrable and compact, Puma 40 also offers you maximum independence indoors.

From £4,695 ex VAT*


Puma 40 Slimline Powerchair

  • Special edition power chair that stands out
  • High performance geared for speed
  • Staying on track was never easier and safer

Looking for a power wheelchair that stands out, indoors and out? The Puma 40 S-line balances excellent indoor manoeuvrability with outdoor high performance and is geared for speed - in a stylish red design. It comes in a unique 12.5 km/h front wheel drive configuration with Gyro tracking control. Slow speed turning on carpet or driving on uneven surfaces at full speed? Staying on track has never been easier and safer! Puma 40 S-line’s powerful 4-pole high torque motors coupled with a small turning radius and low seat-height ensure great manoeuvrability in tight spaces. Due to the Gyro tracking control you will enjoy enhanced slow speed turning even on thick carpets. For maximum independence indoors.

From £6,795 ex VAT*


Quantum Q4 Powerchair

The Quantum® Q4 is a compact 4mph Mid-Wheel Drive power chair, designed for indoor and outdoor use. It combines exceptional features with a compact chassis for an all round fantastc Powerchair.

The Q4 has been specifically designed with the new ION Seat, which features two individual seat sizes.

 The Q4 features mid-wheel 6 design, which enables tight turning radius and outstanding performance making the Q4 an excellent choice for the demands of the most active client

Featuring a 2-motor intuitive drive system along with the unique mid-wheel 6 drive system which allows six wheels on the ground for maximum stability

The Quantum Q4 also comes as standard with the exceptional atx suspension system allowing for a smoother journey

Offering three separate powered and manual seating options

Option 1 Static Tilt / Manual Recline

Option 2 Power Tilt / Manual Recline

Option 3 Power Tilt / Power Recline

The New TB FLEX Seating

The TB-Flex™ Seat is a unique seating system designed specifically for Quantum Power Chairs and is fully adjustable to meet the individual needs of the user.


  • 15" x 15" to 22" x 20" sizing options
  • Quantum seating accessories
  • Make fine adjustments while client is in the chair.
  • A cost effective seating solution
  • Low cost, Power tilt, recline and seat lift


  • Maximum User Weight: 21.6 Stone (136kg)
  • Maximum Speed: 4mph (6kph)
  • Overall Length: 35.5 inches (90.2cm)
  • Overall Width: 24 inches (61cm)
  • Turning Radius: 20 inches (50.8cm)
  • Batteries: 2 x 50-55 Ah

From £2,400.00 ex VAT*


Aspen Powerchair

A cost effective rear wheel drive chair with a modular state-of-the-art design that provides improved obstacle climbing performance and an overall smoother ride.

The Aspen® also accepts the new TB Flex rehab seating and electronics.

With its stylish, sleek design and a standard speed of up to 4 mph, it's the ideal power chair for even the most active of clients.

Available in three colours : Red corvette, Back in black & Electric blue


  • Maximum User Weight: 21.6 Stone (136kg)
  • Maximum Speed: 4mph (6kph)
  • Overall Length: 42 inches (107cm)
  • Overall Width: 22.8 inches (58cm)
  • Turning Radius: 25.25 inches (64cm)
  • Batteries: 2 x 50-55 Ah

From £3,200 ex VAT*


Quantum Q6 Edge 2.0 (iLevel ready) 

Engineered to meet the performance needs of the most active user

A revolutionary redesign to the industry renowned Q6 Edge®. The Q6 Edge® 2.0 features versatile powered solutions, which can be configured with the highly adaptable TRU-Balance® 3 Seating System. Meeting the needs of the most active user.

Q6 edge is available with ilevel a superior seat elevator solution. I-level powerchairs from Quantum offer safe eye level operation at the speed of life, with advanced functionality and stability it strengthens independence and quality of life

I-level improves access to ones environment and enhances social interaction by allowing operation of the powerchair with the seat elevated up to 10 inches while at walking speed 3mph

Available in a range of colours to suit your style


  • Maximum User Weight: 21.6 Stone (136kg)
  • Maximum Speed: 6mph (9.65kph)
  • Overall Length: 35.5 inches (90.2cm)
  • Overall Width: 24 inches (61cm)
  • Turning Radius: 20.5 inches (52.1cm)
  • Batteries: 2 x 55 Ah

From £3,450 ex VAT*


Quantum Q6 Edge HD

With features like standard 4-pole motors, Mid-Wheel 6® Drive Design and ATX Suspension, the Q6 Edge® HD is engineered to meet the performance needs of the most active user. The Q6 Edge HD accepts a complete range of seating and electronics options to deliver exceptional rehab capability.

This Powerchair has also been Crash Tested

ATX Suspension / Mid Wheel Drive Design: The patented Q6 technology utilises industry firsts such as our Active-Trac / semi independent suspension and Omni Castors. The powerful torque responsive motors and unique drive profiles give unrivalled performance and control. Optional TRU-Balance 2 HD Power Tilt

The TRU-Balance® HD Power Tilt: offers a Bariatric powered tilt that can accept up to 32 Stone 2lbs at 45 degrees. TRU-Balance® HD Power Tilt, offers pressure relief, and similar functionality and versatility, to the TRU-Balance® Power Tilt.

Optional R-Net LCD Display Control: The optional easy to use and read R-Net LCD Display controller features a unique system, which allows up to 6 power actuators.

From £4,680 ex VAT*


 Jive M Hybrid

Powerchair performance that rocks

The Jive M Hybrid combines our best selling seating with the highest performing base

Offering extreme performance outdoor and over rough terrain , this powerchair is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Incorporating true hybrid technology, the unique mid-wheel drive base provides exceptional indoor agility with an ultra-small turning circle turning on its own axis, narrow width and low seat-to-floor height. Going out? The patented SpiderTrac suspension helps to navigate onto and over steep transitions smoothly, without forward pitching or instability.


Seat width: 41-51cm

Seat depth: 41-51cm

Maximum Speed: 6kph, 10kph and 13kph

Battery: 60Ah / 72Ah

Turning radius: 56cm

Max safe slope: 18%

Max kerb climb: 10cm

Max user weight: 22 Stone (140kg)

From £6,795 ex VAT*