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Pressure Care Mattresses

We understand how important it is to support anyone at risk of developing pressure sores whether they are living at home or in a care led environment, which is why we offer a range of pressure care mattresses suitable for many requirements. These types of mattresses provide a high level of support for the head and body to relieve any mounting stress on pressure points. Pressure relief mattresses differ from a regular mattress as they have carefully designed air pockets, specifically designed to place less pressure on the main pressure points in the body.

The three main types of pressure relieving mattresses are - Foam Mattresses (recommended for Grade 1 and Grade 2 ulcers), Air-Flow Mattresses (recommended for Grade 3 and Grade 4 ulcers) and Combination Mattresses.

Our Ableworld Specialist's carry out assessments of the individual and can advise you on the product for your needs.

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